Traveling with pets

Having a pet in the house always makes the mood better and that is why animals are important to us and can enjoy the vacation together with you, just like at home.

Dog on the beach for a walk together

In hotel 

We have apartments with balconies so your dog can decide whether to relax outdoors or in the privacy of the house, and you can even let him out of your sight for a moment without worrying it would run away. It can enjoy the garden on the ground floor and follow you into the breakfast room in the morning, you can even hand it something from under the table, it’s a vacation for your dog too! 



Just a 5-minute drive away is the Dog Beach where both you and your dog can enjoy the sea in complete freedom. Alternatively you can go to the one inside the Sterpaia Nature Reserve. You can also visit all the parks in the Val di Cornia with your pet, surely it will be nice to walk in nature, there are many hiking trails for all levels. 

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