Residenza Santa Cecilia

Open all year round, the Residenza Santa Cecilia is ready to welcome you at any moment and in any condition, just like a port in a storm.

Main and original entrance of the building Santa Cecilia

We are used to making business travelers feel on vacation or families feel at home, taking care of everyone is our calling. 

When you stay with us, you get the best of both worlds: the freedom of a home and the amenities only a hotel can offer. Our apartments are located just 200 meters from the waterfront and within walking distance of shops and restaurants, so you can forget your car and experience the best San Vincenzo has to offer, beautiful sunsets included!


The sea breeze that comes in through the windows, the colors of the flowers on the balconies and in the garden, the marina that whispers stories of fishermen and mermaids: this is what comes to mind when we try to explain what Residenza Santa Cecilia is all about. 

Here you can start your day with a nice walk in the early morning when the dew is still fresh on the leaves and the sun peeps behind the town. Otherwise, you can sleep in and wake up with the sun is high, we serve breakfast until late. Whatever you decide to do, we’re sure our buffet will delight you, there’s something for everyone with plenty of homemade, organic and farm-to-table food. 

Our two outdoor spaces, the gazebo and patio, can be the perfect setting for a leisurely breakfast or a quiet moment, to read a book or your favorite newspaper on the sofas, to soak up some sun or an apéritif. 

And if you truly wish to unwind in any season, there is the heated indoor pool. You can swim in the morning in silence, you can play with your kids when you get back from the beach, or you can share a romantic moment with your other half. In addition to the pool we also have a hot tub where you can enjoy a relaxing soak, and if you feel like it, a cup of herbal tea.

Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day, when the sun plunges into the sea and paints the sky with red, orange and pink hues that radiate through the windows of your apartment. Taking a photo from the balcony is a must to capture this spectacle, and if you feel like it, you can enjoy it with an apéritif in hand or with a charcuterie and cheese board that we will be happy to prepare for you, you just have to choose what you prefer to drink: bubbles, a Spritz or red wine?     

Throughout your stay you can forget about us and enjoy the freedom of the self-catering formula or opt for the hotel formula for some extra pampering. 

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