Relaxing at hot springs

Calidario Thermal Baths in Venturina

Already in the ancient world, thermal waters were used to treat wounds, relieve fever, soothe muscle aches and purify the body. Throughout history, in addition to their medical importance, they have also gained value as a simple pastime, to disconnect from all the daily stress and thus recover energy. The Etruscans and Romans were true devotees of thermal waters, which were very important to them for maintaining optimum health. Today still, we can indulge in the sound of the bubbles of a hot tub, albeit a modern one, and the warmth of the sulfur waters that come from underground.

Near San Vincenzo are the Etruscan hot springs of Venturina and Sassetta. A little farther away are the free hot springs of Saturnia and Bagni san Filippo.



Il Calidario

In the same place where there once were ancient thermal baths built by the Etruscans, this complex is divided into an outdoor area with a hot water lake and an indoor area or Thermarium with hot tubs, saunas, hammams and spa treatments. 

It is possible to get an admission ticket only for the outdoor pool of the thermal baths with the possibility of renting deck chairs and loungers where you can rest between swims. Drinks and herbal teas can be purchased at the bar and an aperitif can be arranged in the water to fully enjoy the experience.  Here, access is also possible for children 6 years and older. 

For those who want an extra pampering, however, it is possible to gain entry to the Thermarium, a cozy environment inspired by the spa rituals of the ancient Etruscans. Here, too, there is a thermal water pool with whirlpools, waterfalls for neck and head and shoulder massages. In the sauna or steam room to eliminate toxins and purify the body deep inside.  Then there are sensory and chromotherapy cold showers to activate circulation. Available to guests is the herbal tea corner; it is most important to drink plenty throughout the experience. Only by reservation is it possible to have relaxing or therapeutic massages and sensory treatments with premium products that can be purchased in the dedicated shop at the end of the day. Children 14 years of age and older are allowed to enter here.  

Entrance must be booked in advance for both the outdoor pool and Thermarium as both entrances are regulated by a maximum number of people at a time. 

Distances from Santa Cecilia
10 Km

Where to park

Free, large parking lot just outside.



La Cerreta

In the middle of the forest among chestnut trees and ancient oaks is the organic farm La Cerreta. The water flows at a temperature of 51°C and is rich in sulfates, calcium, precious minerals and trace elements that are essential for the well-being of the respiratory system and the skin. In full respect for the environment, no synthetic chemicals of any kind are used and everything flows in full harmony with the magic of the surrounding forest. The entrance is unique and divided into two shifts, either in the morning or in the afternoon with a maximum number of people, so it must be booked in advance. 

There is an indoor part consisting of a central pool with whirlpools and hot waterfalls at a temperature of 36 °C, loungers, sauna, steam bath, chromotherapy and the herbal tea and water point available to guests.  It is also possible to book massages, which are performed in the indoor rooms if it is cold outside or in the gazebos in the woods in summer. The outdoor part, on the other hand, has a swimming pool also with a whirlpool, small waterfalls for cervicals and fountains from the bottom to the top for massaging the feet at a temperature of 32 °C. A series of all-natural rock pools with thermal water that decreases in temperature along the way lead to the larger outdoor pool where the water is at 26°C. 

For a break try the fresh yogurt made at the farm, it is really delicious! 

Distances from Santa Cecilia
23 km

Where to park

Large free parking in the middle of the wood. Beware, to get to the spa the last stretch of road is unpaved. 



Terme libere di Saturnia

Small natural pools, shaped by the flow of thermal water running from the main waterfall. The average water temperature is 37.5°C and during their underground journey it is enriched with calcium, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, minerals, carbon dioxide and a special natural element, thermal plankton, which makes them unique in the world. For this reason it can help treating ailments of the respiratory system, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, muscular system and digestive system. Thermal mud is also excellent for skincare with its exfoliating and disinfecting properties. 

Distances from Santa Cecilia
128 km

Where to park

Free parking onsite, along the road.

Siena - Val D'Orcia


Bagni San Filippo

A natural wonder awaits in the middle of the forest, where the white limestone formations that have been formed over time by the flow of thermal waters shine under the sun. 

Access to the whole area, also called Fosso Bianco, is free and there is a first part consisting of pools of crystal clear, warm water where you can relax, especially in summer. Don’t stop here for long, however, continue walking along the path through the woods until you reach the famous White Whale, a large limestone formation that precisely resembles the mouth of a whale. The waterfall here is very impressive, and the waters are very warm (flowing at about 48°C) and one can bathe here even in winter. It is a constantly moving and transforming environment due to the continuous depositing of minerals and organic substances contained in the thermal waters that from time to time also mix with rainwater. The mud that deposit at the bottom of the various pools are excellent for treating the skin, making it soft and toned. 

Remember to bring water, food, a change of clothes and comfortable shoes for the forest trail, there are toilets, cafés or shops. 

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