Theme parks and other activities for families

Gallorose Park for Kids

There are many amusement parks where you can spend the day with your children for a break from the sea or for an exciting new experience.


Giardino Sospeso

Here you can find suspension bridges on trees as well as ziplines, for a fun outing surrounded by nature. And when hunger strikes, you can use the picnic tables and barbecue available on site.

For those who prefer a restaurant, there is the Osteria del Cinghiale. 

Distances from Santa Cecilia
30 km

Phone +39 335 7726323 / +39 0586 444407


Parco Acquatico Acqua Village

You’ll feel like you are in Hawaii, surrounded by small and big slides and palms to cool off. Waterfalls, rafting, surfing waves, water games, and a children’s pool: fun is guaranteed for the entire family! At the Aloha Drink&Food and Aloha Grill you can take a break and enjoy a delicious meal. 

Distances from Santa Cecilia
30 km

Phone +39 0586 622539


Parco Divertimenti Cavallino Matto

The park is divided into two main section, one for the younger children with a playground, canoes, and a makeup station. The other one is for adrenaline-seekers, with attractions like Freestyle, the Shocking tower and the Yukatan, but don’t worry there are less scary attractions, like Topozzorro, target shooting, and the Pirates Bay. Take a break from the excitement at one of the many themed restaurants.

Distances from Santa Cecilia
11 km

Phone +39 0565 745720


Parco Faunistico Gallorose

Over a 100 animal species can be found here: kangaroos, lemurs, camels, eagles, and also some typical Tuscan farm animals, such as the Pisa cow and the Amiata donkey. Wear comfortable shoes since to visit the whole park you’ll have to walk for 3 km. Halfway through the route, you’ll find the restaurant, where you can stop for lunch. The other half also houses a small museum about the history of agriculture in the 1950s, with photographs and working machinery of that time.

Distances from Santa Cecilia
23 km

Phone +39 348 8883778


Aquario di Livorno

For those who love the marine world and beyond there is the Livorno Aquarium with turtles, colorful fish, stingrays, jellyfish but also insects, reptiles and amphibians. A great family outing! The Aquarium is divided into 3 sectors:
Ground floor: aquatic path through the different tanks where various marine environments are recreated, a touch tank and two tanks with beautiful jellyfish dedicated to the theme of plastic pollution.
First floor: a reptile house which is home to reptiles but also insects and amphibians, from the chameleon to the frog and the stick insect.
Greco-Roman archaeological marine area: a large tank with a reproduction of a Roman shipwreck.
A final stop at the panoramic terrace to admire the view of Livorno’s waterfront is a must.



Distances from Santa Cecilia
67 Km

Phone +39 0586269111

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