Going to the beach with a dog

Find out where to spend your holiday with your dog at the beach!

Dog on the beach for a walk together

In San Vincenzo

Find out the Dog Beach

The most well-known beach in town is the aptly named Dog Beach (via della principessa) where the real star of the summer is really your dog. A stretch of beach at the beginning of Rimigliano Park where you can choose between a beach club, if you prefer the comfort of deck chairs and a beach umbrella, and the free public access beach. There are no restrictions for your 4-legged friend who can run, jump, enter the water and make friends with the other dogs on the beach, play in the sun or rest in the pine grove behind if it’s time for a little nap. There is no leash or muzzle requirement, just use common sense. 

The café is open all day for coffee in the morning or ice cream in the afternoon. At lunchtime they serve sandwiches and salads, while at sunset you can find apéritifs for you and your four-legged friend too! Bowls of water are never in short supply; under the sun, it is important to keep your pet hydrated. There are also showers available for swimmers and water spouts for bathing your dog, so you don’t bring home the sand! 

It is possible to book a training lesson, a different way to have fun at the beach. 

A veterinarian is also present every Sunday for some advice or a personalized visit. 

During the summer there are many events such as training classes and conferences to learn something new about dog needs and the importance of proper nutrition. 

Where to park

In front of the Dog beach entrance there is a parking lot in the pine grove or alternatively you can park along Via della Principessa. In August the beach is very crowded, and to find a parking spot it is advisable to get there early in the morning.

Parco della Sterpaia

Bagno Pascià Dog Beach

Nestled in the Sterpaia Park in Località Perelli 1 is the beach club Bagno Pascià Dog Beach where you any amenities you and your dog may need. The beach is divided into two parts, for guests with dogs and guests without, so everyone can find relax in peace. Deck chairs, beach umbrellas and spacious gazebos are joined by a café open all day for coffee, ice cream and sandwiches or salads if you prefer a quick lunch. Beach volley and beach tennis courts are also available, so you can keep fit and maybe make new friends too! 

For your dog there are the bowls of water always available, showers tailored for pets, tasty snacks and if it gets too hot you can get in the water and play or take shelter in the pine grove bordering the beach.  

Where to park

Exit the Aurelia SP1 at Vignale Riotorto, then follow the signs for Perelli 1 to get to the parking lot.

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