Food and wine shopping in San Vincenzo

Podere L'agave olive oil

A Bottega da Ary e Cecco

Grocery store with local delicacies and a small wine shop.

Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 115/117 –  57027 San Vincenzo LI

Tel: +39 370 3540870


Azienda Agricola Ilaria Mangoni 

Not only fruit and vegetables but also grains, pasta, and legumes.

Address: Via Aurelia Sud, 24 – 57027 San Vincenzo LI

Tel: +39 338 4907634

E-Mail: ilariamangoni@gmail.com  


Azienda Agricola Podere L’Agave 

Organic extra virgin olive oil and homemade jams with lots of fruit and little sugar from the farm’s ancient fruits. 

Address: Strada San Bartolo, 19 – 57027 San Vincenzo LI 

Tel: +39 0565 703171

E-Mail: info@poderelagave.com 


Caseificio Deiola 

Artisanal pecorino and ricotta cheese dairy. 

Address:  Località Valdicciola, 57028 Suvereto LI

Tel: +39 333 4387312


Dispensa di campagna 

Pasta sauces with tomatoes harvested and processed the same day. Pesto, olives, bruschetta and sauces for any kind of menu.

Address: Localita’ Badia – 57022 Castagneto Carducci LI 

Tel: +39 0565 774105


Fattoria Sant’Anna

Tasty soups in a jar, pasta sauces and oil-packed vegetables. 

Address: Podere La Cascina Via Aurelia Sud Località le 7 fattorie – 57020 Bibbona LI 

Tel: +39 348 3915770

E-Mail: fattoriasantanna@tiscali.it 


La ciccia di Steakhouse

Quality meat for grilling (but just that), full of flavor.

Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 152 – 57027 San Vincenzo LI

Tel: +39  320 1779479

E-Mail: giulianavalisneri@libero.it 


Le Cinque Querce Di Jamous Nadia

Farm to table in its truest sense. Fresh fruit and vegetables every day. 

Address: via Firenze, 11 –  57027 San Vincenzo LI

Tel: +39 366 985 7982


L’Orto dell’agriturismo Barbadoro

Fruits and vegetables picked on the same day. 

Address: Via Biserno, 35, 57027 San Vincenzo LI

Tel: +39 334 344 0078


Podere Paterno- Az. Agr. Tanda Giuseppe e Mario SSA

Pecorino cheese and ricotta, the same you find at breakfast when you stay with us.  

Address: Podere Muriglioni, 35 – 58025 Monterotondo M.mo Gr 

Tel: +39 333 9617571

E-Mail: mtanda@inwind.it 

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