Calaviolina or Cala Martina?

In the midst of the Mediterranean maquis are two beaches waiting to be discovered.

Cala Violina Boat

Which one do you prefer?


Cala Violina and Cala Martina

The most famous is Calaviolina, a white sandy beach that sounds like a violin when you walk on its sand. The sea is crystal clear, and you are completely immersed in the wild nature of the upper Maremma. There are no beach clubs, as it is a nature reserve. 

To get to this little corner of paradise you have to take a short walk through the woods, about 20 minutes of walking on a beaten path enveloped in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub. In the pine grove there are also picnic tables, but there are no facilities, so remember to bring water, food and a bag to collect waste. In summer, it is very crowded, and it is best to leave early in the morning to secure your spot. It is also perfect for those with small children, the path through the woods can be done even with a stroller and the beach slopes gently into shallow waters. This cove is magical even out of season, when you can take walks on the beach or along the trails up in the hills, stop and read a book in silence, discover nature, empty your mind and recharge.  

From 2021, only 700 people per day can access Calaviolina, so reservations are always required from June 1 to September 15 on this website: 



A short distance away there is also another very pretty cove, Cala Martina, with darker sand mixed with pebble, though if you have toddlers with you, we recommend Calaviolina over Cala Marina. The sea is crystal clear and pristine, perfect for snorkelers given the presence of a few more reefs that allow the development of aquatic flora and fauna a little different from those of Calaviolina. In the woods behind is a monument commemorating Garibaldi, who in 1849, having escaped the papal guards, rested in Scarlino before resuming his escape right from Cala Martina. You can get to this cove from Calaviolina via a path along the cliff on the north side, you can come from the Val Martina parking lot up the hill and then back down to sea or from the trekking trail from Puntone.    

Distances from Santa Cecilia
About 40 km

Where to park

There is a car park in the road of Val Martina, a side road of Strada Provinciale 158 delle Collacchie (provincial road linking Follonica to Castiglione della Pescaia). The fee is daily regardless of arrival time and is €10. From here there is about 2 km of walking or cycling path to Calaviolina.
A second car park, further away, is on Viale Garibaldi at Puntone (marina). It is reached by driving along Provincial Road 158 delle Collacchie between Follonica and Castiglione, and at the traffic lights at Puntone turn towards the Lungomare Garibaldi. The car park is near the Il Cantuccio restaurant at a rate of €0.50 per hour. From here you continue on foot to the barrier that marks the coastal area of the park and from where the path to Calaviolina begins, about 4.5 km. Along the way you will first come across Cala Francese, Cala Martina and then Calaviolina. The walk is longer and there are some undemanding ascents and descents, and the panoramic view of the sea is wonderful.
Please note that the prices indicated here may vary, so it is always advisable to enquire beforehand.

Pets allowed?
Access for dogs is forbidden from 1 June to 15 September.

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