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Suvereto, view of the Rocca Aldobrandesca

Here in Alta Maremma, where nature meets history, opportunities for a fun and enriching day out abound. Learn more about the ancient peoples that lived here over a thousand years ago or discover what Medieval Tuscany looked like while touring iconic castles, hiking trails and panoramic views are always around the corner if you wish for a more active visit. 

Parco Archeologico Baratti e Populonia

The Necropolis of Golfo di Baratti 

The Necropolis of San Cerbone comprises burial mounds and classical sarcophagi. The Grotte Necropolis with cit hamber tombs dug out of the rock almost resembles a condo! There are also the limestone mines and the old industrial districts here, where the hematite was worked to obtain iron bars (which gives the beach sand its distinctive color). On some summer nights, the site becomes an open-air theater. 


The Acropolis in Populonia 

The big Roman square was once the ancient town center, on which the remains of the Roman temples still stand. The Via Sacra leads to the Domus and the Logge building, up to the King’s House through very stunning vistas. In this area, there are some still active excavations.

Distances from Santa Cecilia
15 km

Where to park

The “Casone” parking lot, near the ticket office in Baratti, is reserved to visitors. 

Book your ticket online on the website of Parchi Val di Cornia but ask our front desk for our discount code first to save. The visit can be guided or it can be done Independently with the aid of descriptive panels along the way (English/Italian). What should I wear? Comfortable clothes and shoes, in summer, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun. 

Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro

Miniera del temperino

This tour will lead you 45 m underground, to discover the life and work of the miners in the 19th and 20th century, when they extracted drass, lead, silver, and zinc. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget a jacket or a hoodie or a sweater, since even in summer it is cool down here (the temperature is 14°). At the ticket office you will receive a protective helmet. 

Galleria Lanzi – Temperino

You’ll visit this mine aboard a little train to journey through time, you can also hop off and walk to the Rocca di San Silvestro, a medieval fortification. In the mine the temperature is around 14° in summer too. 

Rocca di San Silvestro

A fortified village dating back to the year one thousand with a dominating castle and a church. Outside the city walls, there are the ironworks, the charcoal piles, and the mill. The kiosk here offers drinks and snacks to enjoy before or after the visit.

Distances from Santa Cecilia
9.5 km

Where to park

there’s a free onsite parking lot (Miniera del Temperino) near the ticket office Via di S. Vincenzo 34, Campiglia Marittima. If you’re visiting Galleria Lanzi or Rocca di San Silvestro, however, it’s better to leave your car in Valle Lanzi. 

Spanning over 400 hectares between San Vincenzo and Campiglia Marittima, the park comprises a medieval fortification and 20th-century mines, which you can visit on a train. Your pet is welcome, and you can secure your tickets directly on the website of Parchi della Val di Cornia. Our guests enjoy a generous discount, ask for the code at our front desk.

OASI WWF di Orti-Bottagone

The WWF Oasis of Orti-Bottagone is located where the swamps of Val di Cornia once were. It is divided into two sections, rich in animal and plant biodiversity: Orti is a salt marsh whereas Bottagone is a freshwater swamp, a true paradise for bird-watching lovers where the bird species are about 231.

Visits are possible only with guided tours and must be booked in advance. Check the opening hours of the park for every season on the official website


Distances from Santa Cecilia
24 km

Where to park

 park on strada SP40 Geodetica Loc. Torre del Sale – Piombino 

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