Solo travelers

In Hotel 

Our studio or suite are great for solo travellers, here you can enjoy all the freedom of your own apartment, with free Wi-Fi to work or watch your favorite TV series. The day starts slowly, with breakfast in the gazebo or if you prefer directly in your apartment, so you can enjoy the bed some more. For the more active, early in the morning, the pool is deserted and peace reigns around while the hotel still sleeps. 


The beach is only 200 meters from the hotel for a relaxing walk: bare feet in the sand, gaze on the horizon and the morning wind in your hair. On the hills bordering the coast there many medieval villages to visit: Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci and Campiglia Marittima just to name a few. The most beautiful views are the ones you don’t expect, the ones that are hardest to reach, the ones that open up among nature along hiking routes in the hills or by the sea because even if the road is difficult at the end of the journey there will always be a reward. The San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park nd the Baratti Archeological Park are two important sites here in the Val di Cornia where you can learn about the area’s distant past and cannot be missed during your trip. 

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