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Ci trovi anche al Podere L’Agave e all’Agave in Città

You can find us even at Podere L’Agave and at Agave in Città

Residenza Santa Cecilia

We have been preparing, studying, testing, experimenting and we continue to do so by keeping up to date with the latest COVID-19 regulations. Our priority is to respect the rules and make the environment safe for you to have a fun and relaxed holiday.

We need to wear a mask, but we are always happy to help and provide tips on beaches, restaurants or to book a day trip. We practice social distancing but are always reachable by email, phone or Whatsapp!

For your safety and the safety of our staff we have slightly modified the way we work: this is done to make sure that your stay is the most pleasant whether you are with us for one day or several.

We will not detect your body temperature nor ask you to sign a health condition form but we make sure that all surfaces are sanitized and the air is clean. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you need to discuss something and inform us immediately if you do not feel well. If you develop cold symptoms or experience high temperature please do not leave your apartment: we will contact a doctor on your behalf and call you upon his arrival.

Respecting the rules, respecting others, respecting ourselves is the key that will allow us to return to normal soon! Our desire is to do everything we can to make sure you go back home carrying only amazing memories and with a lightened spirit, regenerated by long walks, baths in the sea and in the pool, enchanted sunsets and all flavours and scents of Tuscany.

Checking in is going to be faster: we will ask you for documents before arrival so that you won’t wait unnecessarily for registration, every apartment is provided with a guest book with all basic information and you can call or write us for any query you might have. You can come to the reception one person at a time but we can meet and chat as always when outdoor.

Checking out at the end of your stay will also be faster. Just send us a message including the list of what you had from the mini bar and we will include it in your final bill. We will charge a credit card of your choice and in case you would like to use an alternative way of payment just let us know. Please leave all doors and windows open when you leave, air turnover is a key prevention form!

The bar is open as usual until 8.00pm for a cappuccino, coffee, ice cream and aperitif.

We serve breakfast every morning and we use products of Podere L’Agave farm and local farms. You can choose between sweet, sweet and salty and brunch options. We serve it in the garden, in the gazebo or in your apartment depending on your choice.

We clean and sanitize all apartments with alcohol-based products and hydrogen peroxide to remove germs, bacteria and viruses with pay particular attention to surfaces such as bath, handles, switches and remote controls. We sanitize periodically the air conditioning filters and record every intervention to ensure air safety. We wear masks and gloves everytime we visit the apartment and make sure the doors and windows are open.

Change of the bath towels is done every 3 days, while bed linen and tidying up of the apartment are done weekly and you can choose the day and time you prefer. If you wish to have extra cleaning or additional linen just let us know!

We sanitize all outdoor areas every morning with hydrogen peroxide spray: garden, swimming pool area, tables and chairs. You’ll also find sanitizing hand gels and alcohol spray that you can use in case we are not around.

The pools are here for you to enjoy and relax. There is a maximum number of people who can enter the water at the same time, but rest assured there is room for everyone!