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Ci trovi anche al Podere L’Agave e all’Agave in Città

You can find us even at Podere L’Agave and at Agave in Città

Residenza Santa Cecilia

Swim and walk along the beach

The Etruscan Coast is one of the few places in Italy which still has many kilometers of free and safe beaches thanks to lifeguards. For anyone who wants there are beach resorts equipped with loungers, beach umbrellas, bars and restaurants or there are kilometres of public beaches that are bounded by the Mediterranean scrub.

San Vincenzo is just a short way away from the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany: Golfo di Baratti, Parco di Rimigliano, Parco della Sterpaia, and Isola d’Elba, which are easily reached from Piombino.

On the southern side of the city there is Parco di Rimigliano, on the northern side a long and free beach until Donoratico, perfect spot for those who loves to walk along the beach with the feet in the water, or those who are looking for more privacy and calm.

Even the beach in San Vincenzo is Pet Friendly, you can enjoy the sea with your dog. From June to September, we suggest the Dog Beach (at the beginning of Parco di Rimigliano), where you can play and have a bath with your pet friend! In other parts of the coast, he can come with you on the beach, but he’s not free to move around.

We can help you to organise boat or to book excursions in the nearby islands of Capraia, Isola d’Elba or Pianosa.

San Vincenzo

If you prefer comfort, very close to us there are private and free beaches. The closest is Il Bucaniere, where it is possible to find a few algae depending on sea currents, but don’t worry, a little bit further away there is La Perla del Mare. The last private beach on the nothern side of San Vincenzo is La Conchiglia, where you can have more privacy between the umbrellas and your kids can enjoy the small playful area on the beach. All of them have offerts with us! In the South Il paradisino, la Lanterna, il Bagno Venere close to the centre but not enough!

Dog Beach and Rimigliano Park

Dog Beach: where you can choose between private and free beach. This place it’s perfect for bathing and playing with your dog! A beach completely built around your pet friend’s wishes.
Rimigliano Park, 8 km of Mediterranean scrub that run along the sandy beach, for a run in the green or a nap under the shadow: at the entrance n. 4 there is the “Lago Verde” bar.

Golfo di Baratti

Its beach it’s shining under the sun thanks to the iron filings present in it. In summer it is very crowded but it is worth it just to enjoy the sunset (at Bagno Baratti do not miss the Zenzito drink).

Piombino- Riotorto

Parco della Sterpaia, where the sand is almost white, there are a lot of private beaches (a famous one is Bagnoskiuma), but also free beaches and hidden in the bush Nano Verde!

Cala Violina

About 40 km from San Vincenzo, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Maremma. It takes its name from the sand which “sounds” like a violin when you walk on it . Watch out! It’s very crowded in summer time. To reach the beach, you have to take a nice walk on a path through the woods which can also be walked on with the stroller, so your child can take a rest!