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Residenza Santa Cecilia

Swim and walk along the beach

The Etruscan Coast is one of the few places in Italy which still has many kilometers of free and safe beaches thanks to lifeguards.

If you prefer comfort, very close to us there are private and free beaches. The closest is Il Bucaniere, where you can find a few algae depending on sea currents, but don’t worry, a little bit further away there is La Perla del Mare. The last private beach on the nothern side of San Vincenzo, which is why it is our favourite one, is La Conchiglia, walking for kilometres on the sandy beach it is possible to reach Donoratico. All of them have a special agreement with us! You can go to the beach with your dog.

From June to September, we suggest the Dog Beach (at the beginning of Parco di Rimigliano), where you can choose between private and free beach. This place is perfect for bathing and playing with your dog! In other parts of the coast, he can come with you on the beach, but he’s not free to move around.

On the southern side of San Vincenzo there is Parco di Rimigliano, on the northern side a long and free beach until Donoratico. Parco di Rimigliano is 8 km of Mediterranean scrub perfect for running in the woods or taking a nap in the shadow of the pinewood and stretches along the sandy coast: at the entrance n. 4 there is “Lago Verde” (bar and sunbed rental).

Piombino – Riotorto

Parco della Sterpaia, where the sand is almost white, there are a lot of private beaches (a famous one is Bagnoskiuma), but also free beaches and hidden in the woods Lago Verde.

Golfo di Baratti

An enchanting place to enjoy the sunset (don’t miss the “Zenzito” at the Bagno Baratti’s bar!)

Cala Violina

About 40 km from San Vincenzo, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Maremma. It takes its name from the sand which “sounds” like a violin when you walk on it . Watch out! It’s very crowded in summer time. To reach the beach, you have to take a nice walk on a path through the woods which can also be walked on with the stroller, so your child can take a rest!

History, nature and trekking

Archeological Mines Park

The Archeological Mines Park of San Silvestro in Campiglia Marittima brings you into a magical world, going from the mines with a little yellow train until the Rocca of San Silvestro. It can be reached on foot, was built in the year 1000, and is surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub. The final show of this excursion is an extraordinary view of the whole Tuscan archipelago, from Giglio to Gorgona Islands.


In the Gulf of Baratti there is the only Etruscan city which overlooks the sea. From the necropolis it goes up to Populonia with the remains of the Etruscan and Roman acropolis. Don’t miss the view from the medieval tower and a visit to the artisan shops including “il pellaio” which creates handmade sandals! For the more adventurous, from the Reciso’s parking, a path starts in the wood which ends at Buca delle Fate, an unspoiled cove where everything becomes magic! You can also reach this small bay by boat for a swim in the blue (Ormeggio Baratti’s rental) or for a dive to discover the underwater beauties (Marenea Diving).

Orti-Bottagone – WWF Oasis

In Parco della Sterpaia there is the WWF oasis of Orti-Bottagone, a walk in the natural reserve discovering more than 203 recorded species: flamingos, herons, hawks, porcupines and weasels and if you want to know the others…..just visit it! 😉

Ancient Villages and the Wine Road


You can reach it by taking 5km of the famous Viale dei Cipressi from Carducci’s poem; there are many small restaurants, wine and artisan shops. Among the most famous there is Enoteca Tognoni for a wine tasting or on the Wine Road there are Osteria Magona and Osteria Caccia al Piano for a full dinner all “flab”!

Castagneto Carducci

A small medieval village on the hill behind Donoratico. Perfect to have an aperitif or a dinner with sea view. Don’t miss “Peperita” peppers, famous all over the world! To Da Ciro for a Napolitan pizza or to Vecchio Frantoio for a dinner with view.

Campiglia Marittima

Besides the historic centre you can also visit the Rocca, an ancient manor that dominates the valley. Campiglia becomes the most magical place in August, with Apriti Borgo when the whole village turns into an outdoor stage with jugglers, fire eaters, ballets, music, magic shows, fairies and elves ….


Many restaurants and artisan shops like Diego Daddi who works leather and creates shoes in his laboratory. Many festivals organized during all the seasons: in November and December, the wild boar fest and the great party for New Year’s Eve with “Calici di Stelle”, in September the village turns into a playground of the past. In the surrounding countryside, there is il Giardino dei Semplici where they grow medicinal and aromatic plants to produce herbal teas, liqueurs, syrups…. We suggest a dinner at I’ Ciocio or Dal Cacini.


Its historical centre and the beaches around it deserve a tour! From Piazza Bovio, on clear days, it seems possible to touch Elba Island. Enjoy also a visit to the Etruscan archaeological museum. To Rocchetta for a lunch or dinner with view or to Tiramestoli for a gluten free dinner (loc. Carbonifera).

Sensory and Multimedia Wine Museum

In Donoratico, at Casone Ugolino there is the Sensory and Multimedia Wine Museum of Bolgheri and the Tuscan Coast. The visit through the history of the wine is accompanied and illustrated by six lessons held by Prof. Attilio Scienza together with the major producers of the area that tell us about our territory. It’s also possible to taste and buy the best wines of the territory at the end of the visit.

It’s wonderful to walk… or to run!

The Etrurian Seashore by feet

If you would like to relax, you can have a walk along the beach or, for a shorter way, you can reach the “Sailor” to breath a little bit of brackish air. For the more athletic, it’s worth reaching San Carlo and take a walk along the street to enjoy the many wonderful view from the top of the hill. From here starts the path “Il Corbezzolo” surrounded by pinewood between nature and wellness!
For the more passionate, don’t miss the way of “Cavalleggeri” from Baratti along all the promontory till Cala Moresca in Piombino.