Things to do in San Vincenzo and nearby

Discover the Etruscan Coast with us!

Find out below everything you can do during your holiday with us.

Cala Violina Boat

Calaviolina or Cala Martina?

In the midst of the Mediterranean maquis are two beaches waiting to be discovered.

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Pineta e tramonto

Coastal nature reserves: Rimigliano and Sterpaia

Rimigliano Park or Sterpaia Park? Find out which you prefer!

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Passeggiata in riva al mare a San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo beaches

You can choose between a bathing establishment and a public beach. From San Vincenzo to Calaviolina there are many places to discover!

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Dog on the beach for a walk together

Going to the beach with a dog

Find out where to spend your holiday with your dog at the beach!

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Pineta e tramonto

Baratti Gulf and Populonia

Baratti Gulf A bay home to a dark-sand beach that sparkles in the sun due to the residue of iron filings, a very important metal during the Etruscan period. Rocks […]

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Calidario Thermal Baths in Venturina

Relaxing at hot springs

Near San Vincenzo are the Etruscan hot springs of Venturina and Sassetta. A little farther away are the free hot springs of Saturnia and Bagni san Filippo.

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Degustazione e visita alla cantina Petra a Suvereto

Best wineries along Tuscany’s southern coast

Along the Wine Road from Bolgheri to Suvereto, discovering the origins of wine and the area’s historic cellars.

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Suvereto, view of the Rocca Aldobrandesca

Explore & learn

Here in Alta Maremma, where nature meets history, opportunities for a fun and enriching day out abound.

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Campiglia Marittima, historic village streets

Beyond the beach

There is so much more to discover here in San Vincenzo beside our beautiful beaches. The region’s illustrious history unfolds with each archeological site and town you visit, while the local wineries and restaurants make it a mecca for foodies and wine-lovers from across the world.

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Sailing Boat Excursions

Tuscan islands: which one is for you?

The islands of the Tuscan archipelago are not that far from San Vincenzo and it is possible to visit them on a one-day trip.

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Visit Campiglia Marittima

Visiting Tuscany

When you want to take a break from the beach, you can easily get to some of Tuscany’s world-renowned sights, from country villages to art-filled towns like Florence. Some destinations you can only reach by car but in some instances you can take the train, especially if you want to stop along the coast up to Pisa.

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Gallorose Park for Kids

Theme parks and other activities for families

There are many amusement parks where you can spend the day with your children for a break from the sea or for an exciting new experience.

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Podere L'agave olive oil

Food and wine shopping in San Vincenzo

Some ideas for bringing home food and wines of the Etruscan Coast.

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The walk of Marinaio, ideal for relax and inspire the sea

Hiking along the coast

The beauty of our coast is perennial, and our beaches aren’t just for warm summer days! Discover the trails you can enjoy year-round below. 

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Summer Boat Excursions

Boat trips and charters

Experience the thrill of a trip on a sailboat or a motorboat or try to catch a fish for lunch or dinner: here are our best recommendations for you!

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Water Sports Sea Baratti Sup

The best water sports activities to enjoy during your vacation

Surfing, diving or sailing, which one do you like best? You don’t have to choose on your holiday in San Vincenzo because here you can spend each day practicing a different one.

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Vista di San Vincenzo

Where to play tennis?

Whether  you wish to train or do something different on your holiday, here’s where you can play tennis near San Vincenzo.

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Passeggiata in riva al mare a San Vincenzo

Golf courses near San Vincenzo

If you can’t give up golf even on your holiday, here are some tips on where to train or play a proper game.

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Horseback Riding in Nature

Riding stables in Alta Maremma

Follow in the footsteps of butteri, our local cowboys, who have worked here for centuries and still do to this date an explore our area on horseback.

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