About us

Once it was the Santa Cecilia Kindergarten, today it is the Residenza Santa Cecilia.

Staff of Residenza Santa Cecilia

A building that everyone knows and love in San Vincenzo, as many have spent here their childhood, playing in the garden where there now is the breakfast gazebo or looking at the same view from their classrooms, now our suites and apartments. A change of purpose occurred over the years, but the goal has stayed the same: for people to enjoy their time here. 

And that is how we have always worked, with passion and love to welcome everyone with a smile, without stress, without too many rules, but with respect for others so that everyone can find their own dimension, whether it is for one night or for a longer vacation. We are a team that respects space and time, so if you want to stop for a chat we are happy to listen, but if you prefer to simply enjoy the apartment we will not disturb. We move through the various requests, sometimes in silence, sometimes laughing, sometimes unseen, but always with the goal of giving you a beautiful memory to take home. With every check out, we shed a tear that is filled with the hope of seeing you come back soon, because the most beautiful part of our job is seeing the door of Santa Cecilia’s open. So every door that opens is a new experience for us and for you, it’s a beginning of a friendship or a simple acquaintance, it’s a new memory taking shape and a gift from the heart.    

The team

The hostess

Barbara, the hostess with the mostest
She is not only an entrepreneur who has allowed the history of Santa Cecilia to live on, but also a woman who has made her passion her job: to make guests' vacations special.

Our front desk team

Marco, the blessed among women
For him, each day becomes a game that must be won. His most powerful shot? The joy that he always bring to any occasion; it will be hard to resist him.
Elena, the entertainer
For a chat or if you just feel like being heard, she is the right person for you. Laughter and understanding accompanied by a big smile.

Our housekeeping team

Lucia, the badass
From yoga comes her serenity and concentration, from life and hard training her strength and tenacity. A harmony of peace and vitality.
Stella, the intrepid
Every day is a new challenge for her and giving up is not an option, every day to always face with a smile.
Roberta, the lady next door
She always makes time for a tip or a chat. Two deep-blue eyes, deep red hair and a strength of spirit that can be recognized from afar. Every day for means putting herself out there, and she does it with dedication and passion.

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