Wine road

Castagneto Carducci


This “Eldorado of Italian wine” as it has been called, is the result of nature’s generosity, the climate and the talent of its wine makers. Farms, wine cellars designed by great architects, small quality agricultural holdings, churches and castles punctuate the Wine Route as it winds through an evocative setting of hills and woods on one side and the sea on the other, in a landscape that is sumptuous and contained at the same time.



Costa degli Etruschi Wine Costa degli Etruschi Wine Route – the Suvereto sub region of the Val di Cornia Doc region – winds its way through countryside rich with agricultural traditions, among cork, oak and ilex woods and Mediterranean scrub.Increasingly better-known and appreciated wines are made here by blending the traditional grapes of this region, such as Sangiovese, with Cabernet, Merlot and Sirah to create a fusion of tradition and innovation.